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Pungitius HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Pungitius Coste, 1848 genus
Salmonids NONE itis Salmonids
High plants NONE itis High plants
Ant attached right hind leg NONE itis Ant attached right hind leg
Ant detached leg NONE itis Ant detached leg
Ant right side abdomen NONE itis Ant right side abdomen
Longnose sucker NONE itis Longnose sucker
male SBW NONE itis male SBW
Male mites NONE itis Male mites
Anterior side back right femur NONE itis Anterior side back right femur
Face NONE itis Face
Front left leg NONE itis Front left leg
Front right thorax NONE itis Front right thorax
Left hindleg metatarsus NONE itis Left hindleg metatarsus
Left hindwing tegula NONE itis Left hindwing tegula
Left side propodeum NONE itis Left side propodeum
Right hindleg metatarsus NONE itis Right hindleg metatarsus
Right midleg metatarsus NONE itis Right midleg metatarsus
Right side gena NONE itis Right side gena
tergite T5 NONE itis tergite T5
Ventral side right hind trochanter NONE itis Ventral side right hind trochanter
Ventral side thorax NONE itis Ventral side thorax
triungulin attached between tergites T2 T3 NONE itis triungulin attached between tergites T2 T3
Triungulin attached front right tegula NONE itis Triungulin attached front right tegula
Triungulin attached left hind tibia NONE itis Triungulin attached left hind tibia
Triungulin attached right middle tibia NONE itis Triungulin attached right middle tibia
Triungulin attached top right forewing tegula NONE itis Triungulin attached top right forewing tegula
Triungulin attached front left corner abdomen NONE itis Triungulin attached front left corner abdomen
Triungulin attached left tegula NONE itis Triungulin attached left tegula
Triungulin front left tegula NONE itis Triungulin front left tegula
triungulin Meloidae right dorsal side scutellum NONE itis triungulin Meloidae right dorsal side scutellum
Triungulin left side propodeum NONE itis Triungulin left side propodeum
Triungulin nottom left side thorax NONE itis Triungulin nottom left side thorax
Salmonid NONE itis Salmonid
Sculpin NONE itis Sculpin
Ventrally tergite NONE itis Ventrally tergite
Hemipteran dragging across sand beneath body NONE itis Hemipteran dragging across sand beneath body
Gravid female anadromous stickleback NONE itis Gravid female anadromous stickleback
Male anadromous stickleback NONE itis Male anadromous stickleback
nd bird MCZ also collected juncos song sparrow NONE itis nd bird MCZ also collected juncos song sparrow
nd bird MCZ also collected juncos song sparrow NONE itis nd bird MCZ also collected juncos song sparrow
Anterior scutum NONE itis Anterior scutum
Labrum NONE itis Labrum
Triungulin attached NONE itis Triungulin attached
Triungulin attached left hind femur NONE itis Triungulin attached left hind femur
Triungulin left lateral side thorax NONE itis Triungulin left lateral side thorax
Sculpin NONE itis Sculpin
Theridiids NONE itis Theridiids
Barnacle base haplobionts NONE itis Barnacle base haplobionts
Illegible yucca NONE itis Illegible yucca
Back left leg NONE itis Back left leg
Triungulin NONE itis Triungulin
triungulin Meloidae dorsal side thorax NONE itis triungulin Meloidae dorsal side thorax
Lb white marlin NONE itis Lb white marlin
Triungulin attached left thorax NONE itis Triungulin attached left thorax
Rooted NONE itis Rooted
Triungulin NONE itis Triungulin
ft Whitetip NONE itis ft Whitetip
Grasses NONE itis Grasses
Rooted NONE itis Rooted
Bottle rancid palm oil NONE itis Bottle rancid palm oil
About pairs seen pond NONE itis About pairs seen pond
Abrupta NONE itis Abrupta
Abundant cutting fungus ant NONE itis Abundant cutting fungus ant
Abyssocladia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Abyssocladia Levi, 1964 genus
Acacia aroma NONE itis Acacia aroma
Acacia depanolobium NONE itis Acacia depanolobium
Acacia depanolobium nigriceps NONE itis Acacia depanolobium nigriceps
Acacia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acacia Mill. genus
Acacia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acacia Mill. genus
Acacia greggi NONE itis Acacia greggi
Acacia tree ants NONE itis Acacia tree ants
Acaia NONE itis Acaia
Acanthomyrmex mindanao HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acanthomyrmex mindanao Moffett, 1986 species
Acanthopteroctetes unifascia NONE itis Acanthopteroctetes unifascia
Acanthoscelides schrankiae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acanthoscelides schrankiae (Horn, 1873) species
Acer rubrum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acer rubrum L. species
Achaearanea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Achaearanea Strand, 1929 genus
Achelia assimilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Achelia assimilis (Haswell, 1885) species
Achillea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Achillea L. genus
Cloudy day before rain NONE itis Cloudy day before rain
Comatulid crinoid NONE itis Comatulid crinoid
Acritus arizonae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acritus arizonae Horn, 1873 species
Acromyrmex coronatus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acromyrmex coronatus (Fabricius, 1804) species
Acropora HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acropora Oken, 1815 genus
Acropora palifera HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acropora palifera (Lamarck, 1816) species
Acropyga acutiventris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acropyga acutiventris Roger, 1862 species
Actinaria sponges corals NONE itis Actinaria sponges corals
Acuariidae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Acuariidae ITIS:AUTHORSHIP:0 family
Adelomyrmex tristani HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Adelomyrmex tristani (Menozzi, 1931) species
Adetomyrma venatrix HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Adetomyrma venatrix Ward, 1994 species
adjacent bare ground hopbush Dodonaea viscosa sweet acacia Acacia farnesiana NONE itis adjacent bare ground hopbush Dodonaea viscosa sweet acacia Acacia farnesiana
domatium Cordia alliodora NONE itis domatium Cordia alliodora
Aechmea bracteata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aechmea bracteata (Sw.) Griseb. species
Aegealites vocifera NONE itis Aegealites vocifera
Aenictus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aenictus Shuckard, 1840 genus
Aenictus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aenictus Shuckard, 1840 genus
Aethiomastacembelus moorii NONE itis Aethiomastacembelus moorii
female yellow fin tuna Thunnus albacares NONE itis female yellow fin tuna Thunnus albacares
flock about D coronata sparrows NONE itis flock about D coronata sparrows
Agapostemon angelicus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agapostemon angelicus Cockerell, 1924 species
Agapostemon melliventris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agapostemon melliventris Cresson, 1874 species
Agapostemon sericeus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agapostemon sericeus (F�rster, 1771) species
Agapostemon texanus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agapostemon texanus Cresson, 1872 species
Agapostemon virescens HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agapostemon virescens (Fabricius, 1775) species
Agathomerus rugus NONE itis Agathomerus rugus
Agononida longipes HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agononida longipes (A. Milne-Edwards, 1880) species
Agononida schroederi NONE itis Agononida schroederi
Agroeca HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Agroeca Westring, 1861 genus
High pine tree NONE itis High pine tree
Hill NONE itis Hill
horizontal branch a scrub pine about ft high about ft out the trunk NONE itis horizontal branch a scrub pine about ft high about ft out the trunk
Albinaria NONE itis Albinaria
Alces alces HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Alces alces (Linnaeus, 1758) species
Aleurochiton NONE itis Aleurochiton
Aleurodes ruborum NONE itis Aleurodes ruborum
Alfalfa NONE itis Alfalfa
Alfalfa NONE itis Alfalfa
Algae NONE itis Algae
Algae haplobionts NONE itis Algae haplobionts
Alium NONE itis Alium
Allocosa panamena HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Allocosa panamena Chamberlin, 1925 species
Alloporus pulchellus NONE itis Alloporus pulchellus
Alluvial sand NONE itis Alluvial sand
Alni semilata NONE itis Alni semilata
Alphamenes campanulatus nanicolor NONE itis Alphamenes campanulatus nanicolor
Alpheidae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Alpheidae Rafinesque, 1815 family
also the area Blue Jays Golden fronted Woodpecker NONE itis also the area Blue Jays Golden fronted Woodpecker
Alsophila pometaria HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Alsophila pometaria (Harris, 1841) species
Alstroemeria spec NONE itis Alstroemeria spec
Alucita desmodactyla NONE itis Alucita desmodactyla
Amegilla pulchra HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amegilla pulchra (Smith, 1854) species
Amegilla quadrifasciata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amegilla quadrifasciata (de Villers, 1789) species
Amegilla HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amegilla Friese, 1897 genus
Amegilla velocissima HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amegilla velocissima (Fedtschenko, 1875) species
Amelanchier alnifolia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt. ex M. Roem. species
Amelanchier HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amelanchier Medik. genus
Ammodramus sandwichensis SYNONYM_OF itis Passerculus sandwichensis (J. F. Gmelin, 1789) species
Ammodramus sandwichensis nevadensis NONE itis Ammodramus sandwichensis nevadensis
Ammodramus sandwichensis princeps NONE itis Ammodramus sandwichensis princeps
Ammodramus sandwichensis savanna NONE itis Ammodramus sandwichensis savanna
Ammodytes hexapterus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ammodytes hexapterus Pallas, 1814 species
Amorpha HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amorpha L. genus
Amorpha HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amorpha H�bner, 1809 genus
Amphiura HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Amphiura Forbes, 1842 genus
Muddy flat NONE itis Muddy flat
Anacampsis lagunculariella NONE itis Anacampsis lagunculariella
Anaphalis margaritae NONE itis Anaphalis margaritae
Anaphalis margarit NONE itis Anaphalis margarit
Anaphalis margarit NONE itis Anaphalis margarit
Anas discors SYNONYM_OF itis Spatula discors (Linnaeus, 1766) species
Anchisauripus milfordensis NONE itis Anchisauripus milfordensis
Anchisauripus tuberosus NONE itis Anchisauripus tuberosus
Ancyridris polyrhachioides HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ancyridris polyrhachioides Wheeler, 1935 species
Circle slash NONE itis Circle slash
Andrena accepta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena accepta Viereck, 1916 species
Andrena africana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena africana Friese, 1909 species
Andrena agilissima HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena agilissima (Scopoli, 1770) species
Andrena agilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena agilis Smith, 1879 species
Andrena aliciae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena aliciae Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena alleghaniensis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena alleghaniensis Viereck, 1907 species
Andrena andrenoides HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena andrenoides (Cresson, 1878) species
Andrena arabis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena arabis Robertson, 1897 species
Andrena argemonis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena argemonis Cockerell, 1896 species
Andrena asteris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena asteris Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena auricoma HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena auricoma Smith, 1879 species
Andrena banksi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena banksi Malloch, 1917 species
Andrena barbilabris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena barbilabris (Kirby, 1802) species
Andrena bisalicis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena bisalicis Viereck, 1908 species
Andrena braccata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena braccata Viereck, 1907 species
Andrena bradleyi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena bradleyi Viereck, 1907 species
Andrena canadensis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena canadensis Dalla Torre, 1896 species
Andrena candida HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena candida Smith, 1879 species
Andrena carlini HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena carlini Cockerell, 1901 species
Andrena carolina HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena carolina Viereck, 1909 species
Andrena chrysosceles HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena chrysosceles (Kirby, 1802) species
Andrena clarkella HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena clarkella (Kirby, 1802) species
Andrena commoda HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena commoda Smith, 1879 species
Andrena crataegi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena crataegi Robertson, 1893 species
Andrena crawfordi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena crawfordi Viereck, 1909 species
Andrena cressonii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena cressonii Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena distans HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena distans Provancher, 1888 species
Andrena dunningi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena dunningi Cockerell, 1898 species
Andrena erigeniae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena erigeniae Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena erythrogaster HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena erythrogaster (Ashmead, 1890) species
Andrena fenningeri HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena fenningeri Viereck, 1922 species
Andrena forbesii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena forbesii Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena fragilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena fragilis Smith, 1853 species
Andrena frigida HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena frigida Smith, 1853 species
Andrena gardineri HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena gardineri Cockerell, 1906 species
Andrena geranii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena geranii Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena haemorrhoa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena haemorrhoa (Fabricius, 1781) species
Andrena haynesi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena haynesi Viereck and Cockerell, 1914 species
Andrena helianthiformis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena helianthiformis Viereck and Cockerell, 1914 species
Andrena helianthi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena helianthi Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena hippotes HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena hippotes Robertson, 1895 species
Andrena hirticincta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena hirticincta Provancher, 1888 species
Andrena illinoiensis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena illinoiensis Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena imitatrix HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena imitatrix Cresson, 1872 species
Andrena integra HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena integra Smith, 1853 species
Andrena integra SYNONYM_OF itis Andrena chrysopyga Schenck, 1853 species
Andrena krigiana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena krigiana Robertson, 1901 species
Andrena lupinorum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena lupinorum Cockerell, 1906 species
Andrena mariae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena mariae Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena melanochroa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena melanochroa Cockerell, 1898 species
Andrena mellea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena mellea Cresson, 1868 species
Andrena milwaukeensis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena milwaukeensis Graenicher, 1903 species
Andrena miranda HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena miranda Smith, 1879 species
Andrena miserabilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena miserabilis Cresson, 1872 species
Andrena nasonii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nasonii Robertson, 1895 species
Andrena nigrae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nigrae Robertson, 1905 species
Andrena nigrihirta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nigrihirta (Ashmead, 1890) species
Andrena nigroaenea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nigroaenea (Kirby, 1802) species
Andrena nivalis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nivalis Smith, 1853 species
Andrena nubecula HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nubecula Smith, 1853 species
Andrena nuda HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena nuda Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena pallidiscopa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena pallidiscopa (Viereck, 1904) species
Andrena pensilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena pensilis Timberlake, 1938 species
Andrena perplexa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena perplexa Smith, 1853 species
Andrena personata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena personata Robertson, 1897 species
Andrena platyparia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena platyparia Robertson, 1895 species
Andrena prunifloris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena prunifloris Cockerell, 1898 species
Andrena pruni HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena pruni Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena prunorum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena prunorum Cockerell, 1896 species
Andrena regularis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena regularis Malloch, 1917 species
Andrena rehni HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena rehni Viereck, 1907 species
Andrena robertsonii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena robertsonii Dalla Torre, 1896 species
Andrena rugosa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena rugosa Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena runcinatae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena runcinatae Cockerell, 1906 species
Andrena salictaria HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena salictaria Robertson, 1905 species
Andrena sigmundi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena sigmundi Cockerell, 1902 species
Andrena simplex HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena simplex Smith, 1853 species
Andrena sola HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena sola Viereck, 1917 species
Andrena HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena Fabricius, 1775 genus
Andrena spiraeana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena spiraeana Robertson, 1895 species
Andrena subaustralis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena subaustralis Cockerell, 1898 species
Andrena submoesta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena submoesta Viereck, 1917 species
Andrena texana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena texana Cresson, 1872 species
Andrena thaspii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena thaspii Graenicher, 1903 species
Andrena vicina HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena vicina Smith, 1853 species
Andrena violae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena violae Robertson, 1891 species
Andrena virginiana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena virginiana Mitchell, 1960 species
Andrena wellesleyana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena wellesleyana Robertson, 1897 species
Andrena wilkella HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena wilkella (Kirby, 1802) species
Andrena wscripta NONE itis Andrena wscripta
Andrena ziziaeformis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena ziziaeformis Cockerell, 1908 species
Andrena ziziae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrena ziziae Robertson, 1891 species
Andrenidae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Andrenidae ITIS:AUTHORSHIP:0 family
Andricus ignotus NONE itis Andricus ignotus
An emigration column NONE itis An emigration column
Anemone haplobiont NONE itis Anemone haplobiont
Anemones NONE itis Anemones
Anhingas also abundant NONE itis Anhingas also abundant
Anisakis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anisakis ITIS:AUTHORSHIP:0 genus
Anisotoma panicula NONE itis Anisotoma panicula
Anochetus africanus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anochetus africanus (Mayr, 1865) species
Anochetus inermis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anochetus inermis Andre, 1889 species
Anochetus levaillanti HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anochetus levaillanti Emery, 1895 species
Anochetus obscuratus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anochetus obscuratus Santschi, 1911 species
Anochetus testaceus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anochetus testaceus Forel, 1893 species
Anodonthyla boulengeri NONE itis Anodonthyla boulengeri
Anolis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anolis Daudin, 1802 genus
Anolis elegans porcatus NONE itis Anolis elegans porcatus
Anolis porcatus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anolis porcatus Gray, 1840 species
Anoplolepis custodiens HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anoplolepis custodiens (Smith, 1858) species
Anoplolepis gracilipes HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anoplolepis gracilipes (Smith, 1857) species
An oyster reef NONE itis An oyster reef
Ant attached right posterior side abdomen NONE itis Ant attached right posterior side abdomen
Antennaria plantaginifolia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richardson species
Anteos maerula HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anteos maerula (Fabricius, 1775) species
Anthene hodsoni NONE itis Anthene hodsoni
Anthene seltuttus affinis NONE itis Anthene seltuttus affinis
Anthidiellum notatum gilense HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidiellum notatum gilense (Cockerell, 1897) subspecies
Anthidiellum notatum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidiellum notatum (Latreille, 1809) species
Anthidiellum notatum robertsoni SYNONYM_OF itis Anthidiellum robertsoni (Cockerell, 1904) species
Anthidium chilense HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium chilense Spinola, 1851 species
Anthidium emarginatum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium emarginatum (Say, 1824) species
Anthidium illustre HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium illustre Cresson, 1879 species
Anthidium maculosum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium maculosum Cresson, 1878 species
Anthidium palmarum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium palmarum Cockerell, 1904 species
Anthidium porterae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium porterae Cockerell, 1900 species
Anthidium rubripes HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium rubripes Friese, 1908 species
Anthidium tenuiflorae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthidium tenuiflorae Cockerell, 1907 species
Anthophora abroniae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora abroniae Timberlake, 1937 species
Anthophora abrupta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora abrupta Say, 1837 species
Anthophora bomboides HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora bomboides Kirby, 1837 species
Anthophora californica HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora californica Cresson, 1869 species
Anthophora cockerelli HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora cockerelli Timberlake, 1937 species
Anthophora curta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora curta Provancher, 1895 species
Anthophora diversipes HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora diversipes Friese, 1922 species
Anthophora edwardsii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora edwardsii Cresson, 1879 species
Anthophora fedorica HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora fedorica Cockerell, 1906 species
Anthophora linsleyi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora linsleyi Timberlake, 1941 species
Anthophora marginata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora marginata Smith, 1854 species
Anthophora montana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora montana Cresson, 1869 species
Anthophora occidentalis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora occidentalis Cresson, 1869 species
Anthophora rogenhoferi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora rogenhoferi Morawitz, 1872 species
Anthophora HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora Latreille, 1803 genus
Anthophora terminalis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora terminalis Cresson, 1869 species
Anthophora urbana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora urbana Cresson, 1879 species
Anthophora ursina HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora ursina Cresson, 1869 species
Anthophora ursina simillima HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora ursina simillima Cresson, 1878 subspecies
Anthophora walshii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anthophora walshii Cresson, 1869 species
Anticarsia gemmatalis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Anticarsia gemmatalis H�bner, 1818 species
Antipolistes anthracella NONE itis Antipolistes anthracella
Antiteuchus innocens NONE itis Antiteuchus innocens
Antiteuchus mixus NONE itis Antiteuchus mixus
Antiteuchus tripterus NONE itis Antiteuchus tripterus
ant removing male SBW spruce budworm Frontinella web NONE itis ant removing male SBW spruce budworm Frontinella web
ant s nest rotten tree trunk NONE itis ant s nest rotten tree trunk
Apache NONE itis Apache
Apanteles atalantae NONE itis Apanteles atalantae
Apatelodes torrefacta NONE itis Apatelodes torrefacta
Apatopus lineatus NONE itis Apatopus lineatus
Apenesia cochise NONE itis Apenesia cochise
Apenes lepidula NONE itis Apenes lepidula
Aphaenogaster boulderensis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster boulderensis Smith, 1941 species
Aphaenogaster floridana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster floridana Smith, 1941 species
Aphaenogaster fulva HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster fulva Roger, 1863 species
Aphaenogaster lamellidens HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster lamellidens Mayr, 1886 species
Aphaenogaster occidentalis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster occidentalis (Emery, 1895) species
Aphaenogaster picea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster picea (Wheeler, 1908) species
Aphaenogaster rudis NONE itis Aphaenogaster rudis
Aphaenogaster texana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster texana Wheeler, 1915 species
Aphaenogaster treatae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster treatae Forel, 1886 species
Aphaenogaster uinta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphaenogaster uinta Wheeler, 1917 species
Aphelolpium HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aphelolpium Hoff, 1964 genus
Aphids NONE itis Aphids
Pile wood NONE itis Pile wood
Aplysina cellulosa NONE itis Aplysina cellulosa
Aplysiopsis enteromorphae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aplysiopsis enteromorphae (Cockerell and Eliot, 1905) species
Apocynum androsaemifolium HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Apocynum androsaemifolium L. species
Apple NONE itis Apple
Apple tree NONE itis Apple tree
Apsisaurus witteri NONE itis Apsisaurus witteri
Apterostigma ancilonodum NONE itis Apterostigma ancilonodum
Apterostigma chocoense NONE itis Apterostigma chocoense
Apterostigma HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Apterostigma Mayr, 1865 genus
Aralia rudicaulis NONE itis Aralia rudicaulis
Araneus marmoreus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Araneus marmoreus Clerck, 1757 species
Arara gilliesi NONE itis Arara gilliesi
Araucaria HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Araucaria Juss. genus
Arboreal nest NONE itis Arboreal nest
Archaeoglenes australis NONE itis Archaeoglenes australis
Archaeoteleia mellea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Archaeoteleia mellea Masner, 1968 species
Archaeothyris florensis NONE itis Archaeothyris florensis
Archeria crassidisca NONE itis Archeria crassidisca
Archilochus colubris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Archilochus colubris (Linnaeus, 1758) species
Arctic loon NONE itis Arctic loon
Arctic tern NONE itis Arctic tern
Arctic tern NONE itis Arctic tern
Arctic NONE itis Arctic
Arctic terns NONE itis Arctic terns
Arctic terns NONE itis Arctic terns
Arctostaphylos glauca fl NONE itis Arctostaphylos glauca fl
Arctostaphylos HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Arctostaphylos Adans. genus
Argentina anserina SYNONYM_OF itis Potentilla anserina ssp. anserina L. subspecies
Argiope argentata HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Argiope argentata (Fabricius, 1775) species
Argyresthia thuiella NONE itis Argyresthia thuiella
Aristelliger praesignis praesignis NONE itis Aristelliger praesignis praesignis
Armitermes armiger NONE itis Armitermes armiger
Rock NONE itis Rock
Aroid stem coccids NONE itis Aroid stem coccids
Aroma beans NONE itis Aroma beans
Arrhopalites lacuna NONE itis Arrhopalites lacuna
Arrhopalites pavo NONE itis Arrhopalites pavo
Arrhopalites silvus NONE itis Arrhopalites silvus
Arthroleptis variabilis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Arthroleptis variabilis Matschie, 1893 species
Aruncus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aruncus L. genus
Aruncus SYNONYM_OF itis Rhinella Fitzinger, 1826 genus
Asbolis capucinus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Asbolis capucinus (Lucas, 1857) species
Ash NONE itis Ash
Ashmeadiella bucconis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ashmeadiella bucconis (Say, 1837) species
Ashmeadiella cactorum HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ashmeadiella cactorum (Cockerell, 1897) species
Ashmeadiella micheneri HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ashmeadiella micheneri Snelling, 1962 species
Ashmeadiella HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ashmeadiella Cockerell, 1897 genus
Asperipes longidigitatus NONE itis Asperipes longidigitatus
Aspidiotus convexus NONE itis Aspidiotus convexus
Sponge NONE itis Sponge
associating P domesticus NONE itis associating P domesticus
assoc Acacia NONE itis assoc Acacia
Aster cordifolius SYNONYM_OF itis Symphyotrichum cordifolium (L.) G.L. Nesom species
Aster HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Aster L. genus
Aster novae angliae NONE itis Aster novae angliae
Aster paniculatus SYNONYM_OF itis Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. lanceolatum (Willd.) G.L. Nesom variety
Astragalus graeilis NONE itis Astragalus graeilis
Astropecten articulatus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Astropecten articulatus (Say, 1825) species
Stump NONE itis Stump
Swarming flight NONE itis Swarming flight
As well as polychaetes NONE itis As well as polychaetes
As well as polychaetes NONE itis As well as polychaetes
at Echium NONE itis at Echium
Atemnidae SYNONYM_OF itis Atemnidae Kishida, 1929 family
Atemnidae HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Atemnidae Kishida, 1929 family
Ateuchus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ateuchus Weber, 1801 genus
At flrs illegible NONE itis At flrs illegible
At fls thistle NONE itis At fls thistle
At least triungulin NONE itis At least triungulin
At Lithrium salicina NONE itis At Lithrium salicina
Tococa ants NONE itis Tococa ants
Atolla HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Atolla Haeckel, 1880 genus
At time found bottled NONE itis At time found bottled
Atopomyrmex mocquerysi HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Atopomyrmex mocquerysi Andre, 1889 species
At Opuntia NONE itis At Opuntia
Atta insularis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Atta insularis Guerin-Meneville, 1844 species
Atta texana HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Atta texana (Buckley, 1860) species
Attended by smaragdina plant NONE itis Attended by smaragdina plant
Attine refuse NONE itis Attine refuse
auf Bluten von anthemis NONE itis auf Bluten von anthemis
Auricoma NONE itis Auricoma
Aute aria NONE itis Aute aria
Avicennia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Avicennia L. genus
Avrainvillea algae NONE itis Avrainvillea algae
Avrainvillea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Avrainvillea J. Decaisne, 1842 genus
Axinidris luhya NONE itis Axinidris luhya
Colony an open NONE itis Colony an open
Azalea flowers NONE itis Azalea flowers
Azalia rispida NONE itis Azalia rispida
Azara integrifolia NONE itis Azara integrifolia
Azendohsauridae NONE itis Azendohsauridae
Azendohsauridae NONE itis Azendohsauridae
Azteca alfari HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca alfari Emery, 1893 species
Azteca aragua HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca aragua Longino, 1991 species
Azteca coeruleipennis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca coeruleipennis Emery, 1893 species
Azteca fasciata laeta HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca fasciata laeta Wheeler, 1942 subspecies
Azteca HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca Forel, 1878 genus
Azteca forelii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca forelii Emery, 1893 species
Azteca jelskii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca jelskii Emery, 1893 species
Azteca lattke NONE itis Azteca lattke
Azteca merida HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca merida Longino, 1991 species
Azteca petalocephala HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca petalocephala Longino, 1991 species
Azteca HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Azteca Forel, 1878 genus
Azteca traili filicis NONE itis Azteca traili filicis
Baba NONE itis Baba
Baccharis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Baccharis L. genus
Baccharis piluaris NONE itis Baccharis piluaris
Baccharis rosmarinifolia NONE itis Baccharis rosmarinifolia
Baeria HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Baeria Miklucho-Maclay, 1870 genus
Bailyea NONE itis Bailyea
Ballota nigra HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Ballota nigra L. species
Balsa HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Balsa Walker, 1860 genus
Balsa nest NONE itis Balsa nest
Balsa nest NONE itis Balsa nest
Balyea NONE itis Balyea
Bank creek valley NONE itis Bank creek valley
Bapt NONE itis Bapt
Baptisia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Baptisia Vent. genus
Baptisia tinctoria HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Baptisia tinctoria (L.) Vent. species
Baptisia tinetoria NONE itis Baptisia tinetoria
bar at the mouth the Cambridge River NONE itis bar at the mouth the Cambridge River
Barbarea HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Barbarea W.T. Aiton genus
Barbarea verna HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Barbarea verna (Mill.) Asch. species
Bare soil trail NONE itis Bare soil trail
Barrel cactus NONE itis Barrel cactus
Barrel cactus NONE itis Barrel cactus
Barrens NONE itis Barrens
Basiceros conjugans HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Basiceros conjugans Brown, 1974 species
Basiceros manni HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Basiceros manni Brown & Kempf, 1960 species
Basiceros militaris HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Basiceros militaris (Weber, 1950) species
Basiceros singularis HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Basiceros singularis (Smith, 1858) species
Battage sertour rubra mais aussi alba NONE itis Battage sertour rubra mais aussi alba
Bdelloura candida HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bdelloura candida (Girard, 1850) species
Beaver NONE itis Beaver
Beetle carcass open desert cloudy day NONE itis Beetle carcass open desert cloudy day
Beetle NONE itis Beetle
Beetles NONE itis Beetles
Beetles NONE itis Beetles
Behind left tegula NONE itis Behind left tegula
Beneath palm nuts sandy soil NONE itis Beneath palm nuts sandy soil
Benthesicymus libanensis NONE itis Benthesicymus libanensis
Bermuda grass around board NONE itis Bermuda grass around board
Besseya SYNONYM_OF itis Synthyris Benth. genus
Between head front leg NONE itis Between head front leg
Bindahara phocides yurgama NONE itis Bindahara phocides yurgama
Black bears NONE itis Black bears
Blackberry NONE itis Blackberry
Blackfish NONE itis Blackfish
Blastobasis floridella NONE itis Blastobasis floridella
Blossom cherry NONE itis Blossom cherry
Bluten NONE itis Bluten
Boardwalk overhanging vegetation NONE itis Boardwalk overhanging vegetation
Board walk NONE itis Board walk
Body cavity lizard NONE itis Body cavity lizard
Boerhavia HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Boerhavia L. genus
Bombacaceae SYNONYM_OF itis Malvaceae ITIS:AUTHORSHIP:0 family
Bombacaceae tree NONE itis Bombacaceae tree
Bombus appositus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus appositus Cresson, 1879 species
Bombus argillaceus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus argillaceus (Scopoli, 1763) species
Bombus ashtoni HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus ashtoni (Cresson, 1864) species
Bombus auricomus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus auricomus (Robertson, 1903) species
Bombus balteatus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus balteatus Dahlbom, 1832 species
Bombus bimaculatus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus bimaculatus Cresson, 1863 species
Bombus dahlbomii HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus dahlbomii Gu�rin-M�neville, 1835 species
Bombus fervidus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus fervidus (Fabricius, 1798) species
Bombus flavifrons HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus flavifrons Cresson, 1863 species
Bombus flavifrons SYNONYM_OF itis Bombus vosnesenskii Radoszkowski, 1862 species
Bombus fraternus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus fraternus (Smith, 1854) species
Bombus frigidus HAS_ACCEPTED_NAME itis Bombus frigidus Smith, 1854 species